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Cold fingers mark this dying wreck

16 November 1984
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I used to play FFXI on Ragnarok. I then moved to WoW on the US server Azshara to play with Blue Garter, eventually leading them. After a year, I decided to quit the game only to return on the EU server Argent Dawn a few months later. When playing WoW this is where I will reside. I drop in and out as interest in content wax and wanes.

This LiveJournal chronicles my MMO, general gaming and anime love. I once wrote extremely regularly and gave a shit about how many comments I got but those days are long since past. Feel free to trawl through the backlog and read them if you're interested in blossoming MMOs. Nowadays, I update when I have something to say for no other reason that my love of writing. Feel free to follow me on Twitter for shorter, more constant bursts of my psyche.

If you add me as a friend you should leave a comment on the most recent entry so I can return the favor and not have to deal with the mess LJ creates.

PSN: LilRussta
Steam: Russta